There's a problem producing Intrastat (SSD) reports in 2021 in all versions of Sage 200 (known issue 8330).  Although Sage have now released updates to correct the error, I've also done an add-on that will work round the problems.  This can be used as a quick fix if it's inconvenient to upgrade Sage 200 at the moment.

The add-on can be freely downloaded: Intrastat 2021.sdbx (right-click and"Save link as")

Install it using System Administrator / Add-ons / Add new add-on.

This add-on comprises 5 VB scripts which alter these Sage forms, all in Accounting System Manager / Intrastat (SSD)

  • Intrastat Entry Maintenance
  • Intrastat Entry Maintenance / Edit View
  • Intrastat Entry Maintenance / Add Entry
  • Produce Draft Intrastat Declaration
  • Produce Intrastat Declaration

If you want to look at the source code, it can be extracted from the .sdbx file by opening it either Sage's Add-on Packager, or a utility such as 7-Zip.  This add-on should work with any version of Sage 200.

The problems were happening because the Tax Year lookup was hard-coded with years 2000-2020, so 2021 couldn't be selected.  So this add-in changes the years to 2020-2025.